previous4. Training & Employee Engagement

Studies have found that leaders who focus on their employee's strengths can double the average number of engaged employees across their organisation. Employees who have the opportunity to regularly use their strengths while at work each day are up to six times more engaged in what they are doing.

How can workplaces be happier, healthier and more productive?

How is wellness influencing the way we do business?

Inspiring Growth

We work with motivated leaders across Australasia to provide results driven professional development. We provide innovative and creative training to inspire and engage people. We thrive on keeping up with the latest ways to help people flourish and achieve while at work.

How We Do It

We do things in a different way. Our training is based on robust, new research promoting meaning within workplaces. We believe meaning should go hand in hand with profitability. We wholeheartedly believe people to be an organisations’ greatest asset. A team of inspired people can achieve more than we can imagine. Our training is values and people based and the productivity and profit follows. We are constantly learning and changing the way we do things as new research helps us to understand more about how people thrive and flourish. It is important to us to do things in a way that is ethically responsible to people and to the planet.

Why We Do It

We believe most people want to be the best they can be, and that most people want to be happy. Undertaking meaningful work in an inspiring work place is one of the most powerful ways to achieve these goals. Inspiring, socially responsible businesses play an important place in our society.

We want to assist business to thrive in line with these values. We know that when people are happy they are more productive, enjoy better health, have reduced absenteeism from work, are more creative, enjoy better relationships with others and earn more.

We also know that when people are able to use their strengths at work they report lower levels of stress, report higher levels of happiness, report lower levels of depression, enjoy better physical health, have more energy, and are more likely to achieve their goals. These facts inspire us to work with you to achieve these results for your organisation.

Training Options:

After completing a needs assessment of what you require, we create a customised programme based on those needs and your goals either as half or full day workshops.

Our Workshops:

Wellbeing at Work
Teaches your team the mind-set and behaviour to drive success and wellbeing while at work, wherever they are. Focusing on positive growth within a team promotes supportive personal relationships within the team. Teams work constructively together. Absenteeism reduces, productivity increases. Staff turn-over decreases. This module also promotes a healthy workplace consistent with the new extended obligations under health and safety legislation.

Dealing with Prickly Staff
At times an organisation may have team members that are difficult to manage. Such staff members may have a significant impact on the rest of the team, affecting productivity in a negative way.
We show managers the way to deal with prickly staff to bring about changes, while keeping your organisation free from any personal grievance claims. We use respect and dignity in dealing with people while achieving results.

Workplace Bullying
Workplace bullying robs an organisation of productivity, positivity and profit. Employees leave workplaces that do not address bullying. Today health & safety legislation deems bullying to be a “hazard” in the workplace, and must be managed accordingly. Penalties for breaches of health and safety legislation are significant. Organisations are required by legislation to have in place a consistent and comprehensive policy  on workplace bullying and must educate managers and staff on workplace bullying.

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Our Coaching:

Management Coaching
Our management coaching is on an individual or group basis. Our unique approach combines extensive employment law experience with our Gallup Strength Finder training and our post graduate Positive Psychology training from Melbourne University.

We believe no one comes to work to do a bad job and we are intimately interested in assisting people to develop their mindset and behaviours to drive success, fulfillment and wellbeing both at work and in life.

Employees can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of a workplace and the workplace can in turn, have a significant influence on employee wellbeing.

Individual Coaching

We listen to an individuals requirements and provide assistance for their specific needs. This assistance may be in the form of career coaching, strength finder coaching or positive psychology and wellbeing facilitation.

We translate the complex science of human flourishing into easy to use practical interventions.

Individuals learn how to identify what they want and how to retrain their brain to focus and create this.

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