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"Accord Services helped us restructure our business and avoided us creating problems later down the track. They showed us what to do when an employee put obstacles in the way of the process. Their advice was invaluable every step of the way." – Jodee Dyball, Human Resource Manager, Triodent Ltd

What Process Should You Follow?

Today more than ever New Zealand businesses are reviewing and often making changes to their staffing requirements to ensure they operate more effectively and adapt to current market conditions. However, this can introduce unforeseen risks for business owners who incorrectly believe they can simply restructure their business as they see fit. Changes to employment law now make it more complicated to disestablish roles and make people redundant.

Restructure with Confidence

 Our advice for business owners and HR managers is to seek professional guidance at the start of any restructuring process so we can help you navigate critical points throughout the process, including:

  1. Drafting a terms of reference for the process
  2. Information on how to undertake robust consultation
  3. Assistance with selection criteria
  4. Informal discussions with potentially affected employees
  5. Guidance on scripts for formal meetings with potentially affected employees
  6. How to respond to employees’ written submissions effectively
  7. Guidance on what information to supply to potentially affected employees

Although the threshold for employers is high, following the process doesn’t have to be onerous. In fact, by handling matters correctly the whole process can be very stress-free for you and your team.

How We Can Help

Accord Services can help you review your staffing requirements, can provide you with written guidance to help you to make the required changes to your organisations staffing requirements, while treating all potentially affected parties with dignity and good faith, and will provide assistance to ensure you follow the right process. This can help ensure that any decisions taken aren’t easily contested under the Employment Relations Act.